benefits for our clients...

Single Class - $35

Ten (10) Classes - $275

Fifteen (15) Classes - $375

Twenty (20) Classes - $450

**Name Your Plan**

The above are suggested packages based on our observation of client enrollment trends.  We require a minimum of four (4) classes in order to cover most curriculum.  All K9 Nose Work® classes and the CGC class require six (6) classes.  If you would prefer to purchase a number of classes that differ from the above, please contact Carolyn to discuss.  We always work to accommodate our clients.

*Any package of classes less than 20 must be used within six (6) months.  Packages of 20 classes or more must be used within one (1) year.  Training packages are not available for use with all classes, workshops, or events.  Please contact Carolyn for details.

We are always striving to make life easier.  Our program provides great rewards to clients with multiple dogs, puppies, or those who enjoy training frequently.

Most of our  classes are eligible for the Training Package program and you will be able to purchase blocks of classes to use when convenient for your schedule.  It works like a punch card.  There are some great benefits to this program including:

  • Train at Your Own Pace. No more stressing out about finding time to train.  Some people only need four weeks to complete a class while others prefer six weeks.  Totally up to you.
  • Mix and Match Classes.  Tired of Canine Etiquette?  Think Tricks might be a boost to your training?  Go ahead and switch - it's all good!
  • You Decide How Many to Take.  4 classes or 40.  Whatever works for you!!
  • Never Wait to Start.  You'll never have to loose critical training time due to a traditional session schedule.  If you are ready, jump right in this week and start resolving your training challenges!
  • Save Some Change.  You may still opt to pay for a standard four week class, but you will find the larger packages provide greater savings - especially for multiple dog households and puppy owners.
  • Individualized Training.  Classes are small and customized to your specific goals.

Training packages*