Please Note:  We welcome ALL students of Nose Work to our classes, regardless of training method and/or background.  In turn, we ask that you understand and respect that our classes are taught via K9 Nose Work® methodology.  This could include revisiting foundation skills and pairing.  It will never include clicker training or marking a behavior at source.  We may require a private consultation to ensure new teams, already on odor, are matched to the correct class.  We have a proven track record of repairing foundation in dogs from all training backgrounds, many of whom have gone on to compete successfully or simply improved their game all the way around.  We look forward to working with you!!

Continuing Education / Competition / Event Hosting

Please contact Carolyn if you see a class that you are interested in taking but is not on the schedule.  I work with my clients to make all options available when possible.


​​​Either on the road, or at home in Bozeman, Carolyn has been fortunate to have worked privately with extremely talented K9 Nose Work® trainers as well as Professional detection trainers.  The following is list of some of the K9 Nose Work® Continuing Education and competitive events she has attended or hosted (this is not inclusive of the extensive online course work Carolyn has completed or her K9NW Continuing Education requirements):


  • ​March 2019 - Amy Herot (NACSW Founder) - The Green Dog: Target Odor Acquisition, Development and Maintenance, Olympia, WA
  • March 2019 - Amy Herot (NACSW Founder) - Harnessing Your Competitive Edge, Olympia, WA
  • ​March 2019 - Amy Herot (NACSW Founder) - Harnessing Your Competitive Edge Coaching Day, Olympia, WA​
  • August 2019 - Competitor L1C/L1V Trials, Carson WA
  • September 2019 - ORT Certifying Official - Bozeman MT
  • September 2019 - Competitor NW3 Trial, Cheyenne WY
  • ​November 2019 - Completed training as an NACSW NW1/NW2/L1/L2 EST Certifying Official


  • February 2018 - NACSW Certifying Official Training - Pilot Program, Davis, CA
  • March 2018 - NACSW National Trial Coordinator
  • April 2018 - Competitor NW3 Trial, Creswell OR
  • ​May 2018 - ORT Host, Bozeman MT
  • June 2018 - Trial Host NW1/NW3, Bozeman MT
  • June 2018 - Competitor NW3 Trial, Reno NV
  • June 2018 - Competitor NW3 Trial, Bellingham WA
  • July 2018 - NACSW Odor Recognition Test Certifying Official & Judge
  • August 2018 - Competitor NW3 Trial, Maple Falls WA
  • September 2018 - Vicky Lovejoy (CNWI) Private Training Sessions Day
  • September 2018 - Trial Host Elite/Elite, Bozeman MT
  • October 2018 - K9 Nose Work Camp, Granby CO


  • January 2017- Received Official Certification as NACSW Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI)
  • January 2017 - California Narcotics Canine Association Conference, San Diego CA
  • May 2017 - Competitor NW1 Trial, Cascade CO
  • ​May 2017 - Trial Host NW3/NW2, Bozeman MT
  • June 2017 - Competitor NW2/NW1 Trials, Bandon, OR
  • July 2017 - Fred Helfers (CNWI/Master Trainer - Detection Dogs) Olfaction & Odors Seminar, Castlegar British Columbia
  • July 2017 - Fred Helfers (CNWI/Master Trainer - Detection Dogs) From Foundation to Finesse (Two Working Teams), Castlegar British Columbia
  • August 2017 - Competitor NW1 Trial, Camano Island WA
  • August 2017 - ORT Host, Bozeman MT
  • August 2017 - Fred Helfers (CNWI/Master Trainer - Detection Dogs) Olfaction & Odors Seminar, Bozeman MT
  • September 2017 - Ron Gaunt (NACSW Founder) Hide Placement & Communication at Source (Two Working Teams), Bozeman MT
  • September 2017 - Competitor NW3 Trial, Carson WA


  • June 2016 - NACSW Certified Nose Work Instructor Training, Pasadena CA
  • September 2016 - Jill Marie O'Brien (NACSW Founder) - ​Intro to K9 Nose Work (Audit), Nelson British Columbia
  • September 2016 - Jill Marie O'Brien (NACSW Founder) - K9 Nose Work Skill Building (Working Team), Nelson British Columbia
  • October 2016 - ORT Host, Bozeman MT
  • October 2016 - Kimberly Buchanan (NACSW Senior Faculty) NW2+ Competition Strategies, Bozeman MT
  • October 2016 - Kimberly Buchanan (NACSW Senior Faculty) NW2+ Coaching Seminar (Two Working Teams), Bozeman MT
  • December 2016 - NACSW Certified Nose Work Instructor Training, Pasadena CA


  • May 2015 - Participant ORT, Two Dogs, Salt Lake City, UT
  • September 2015 - ORT Host, Bozeman MT
  • September 2015 - Wendy Krehbiel (CNWI) - ORT to NW1 Workshop (Audit), Bozeman MT
  • September 2015 - Wendy Krehbiel (CNWI) - NW2+ Workshop (Working Team), Bozeman MT
  • December 2015 - Trial Host NW3/NW1, Billings MT 

Carolyn is committed to K9 Nose Work, whether teams are involved in competition or simply playing for fun.  She hosts multiple private events every year giving dog owners across the state the opportunity to simply play with their dogs.  Stay tuned for more exciting things to come!  :)

K9 Nose Work® might be the greatest game ever and your dog is already the expert! 

Inspired by working police and military detection dogs, it's a great sport for people and dogs of all ages and all abilities.

Why try K9 Nose Work®??

  • Easy to learn.
  • Builds confidence and focus.
  • The game can be played anywhere.
  • ​Can reduce environmental sensitivities.
  • Provides mental and physical stimulation.
  • Creates an awesome bond between you and your dog.
  • A great game for shy or reactive dogs.  Yes, your reactive dog is welcome!!

Carolyn is the only Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI™) with National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW™) in Montana.   Through the certification program, Carolyn learned the philosophy, concepts, and training methodology for the activity and sport of K9 Nose Work as taught by the original Founders of K9 Nose Work and NACSW™.  A strong believer in continuing education, Carolyn regularly attends workshops, conferences, and works privately with senior NACSW faculty to remain current on the exciting and ever-changing world of K9 sport detection.  Over the years, she has logged thousands of observation hours through classes, workshops, trials, tests, fun matches, and regular practices.   

Carolyn holds titles on multiple dogs via multiple scent sport venues, including NACSW™ titles - the Gold Standard of Nose Work.  She has started Nose Work teams all over the state of Montana and her clients have earned titles in various scent sport venues, including placements and High in Trial in NACSW™ nosework events.  If course, she has plenty of clients that just play the game for fun and regularly attend classes.  The Canny Canine was proud to host Montana's first NACSW™ Odor Recognition Test and K9 Nose Work® Trial in 2015!

​​Intro to K9 Nose Work® is a six (6) week class.  Intro to K9 Nose Work® is the prerequisite to our Intro to Odor Nosework class.  This class will introduce dogs and handlers to the concept of the game including  motivating your dog to hunt and building handler observation skills.  Dogs will search for primary over six weeks and will be exposed to vehicles, containers, exteriors, and interiors (weather permitting).  Clients love this program. Come see what your dog can do!!  

Intro to Odor - K9 Nose Work® is a six (6) week class.  Intro to K9 Nose Work® is the prerequisite for this class (if your dog is already on odor please contact Carolyn for further discussion).  We will introduce your dog to Birch in this class and continue interior, exterior, vehicle and container searches (weather permitting). 

Continuing K9 Nose Work® is a six (6) week class.  This class is for all dogs that have completed Intro to Odor (if your dog is already on odor please contact Carolyn for further discussion).  We may introduce other odors (Anise and Clove) and continue with interior, exterior, vehicle, and container searches.  

Advanced K9 Nose Work® is a six (6) week class.  To be eligible for this class, dogs must be on all three odors (Birch, Anise, Clove) and have obtained at least an NW1 title or instructor approval.  We will continue working all four elements and will meet in various locations in the community, weather permitting.  Focus will be on handler skills and increased difficulty in exposure.  This class includes video review.

Out of Towners - K9 Nose Work® classes are offered on a limited basis and created specifically for teams working without a CNWI.  We recognize, and have experienced, many of the challenges of training on your own. These 90 minute classes will be based on what clients want to cover with the intent of fixing holes in your training program.  Space will be limited.  See class schedule for availability. 

Private K9 Nose Work® Sessions  are always available for booking. Whether you want to try out the sport prior to participating in class, or you are getting ready to trial and need to work out some kinks, Carolyn can help!  Contact her for details and pricing.

Pop Up K9 Nose Work® Practices are offered seasonally.  Please check the schedule for more information.