Please contact Carolyn if you see a class that you are interested in taking but is not on the schedule.  I work with my clients to make all options available when possible.


Our Agility Classes are designed to provide the family pet owner with exposure to basic agility equipment and to develop fundamental handling skills. Whether you just want to have fun with your dog, or are thinking about competing in agility, we can get you started off on the right foot, er, paw!!

The Base is a four (4) week class designed for those who want to give agility a try. We work to create the enthusiasm and drive needed to make agility the fun game that it is!  This is a  great class for building confidence in our Canny Canines. Lots of fun games, introduction to basic equipment, and foundations of distance and directional work.  

Agility Course Running is offered seasonally June through September.  It is available to anyone with previous agility experience who would like an opportunity to run some NADAC-style courses and enjoy the camaraderie of a fine group of people.  Please contact Carolynfor details.